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Clockwork Angel is the first book in Clare’s new fantasy trilogy, “The Infernal Devices”.

In the new series, Clare brings us back to this Shadowhunter-Downworlder universe—and back in time to Victorian-era England. Infernal Devices revolves around Tessa Gray, an orphan who heads to London in search of her disappeared brother and falls deeper and deeper into an alternate magical reality. Along the way she finds two good friends in Jem and Will (who graces the new cover), and also crosses paths with some familiar names and faces from the Mortal Instruments saga.

covert art designed by cliff nielsen

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Can readers new to Cassandra Clare pick up Clockwork Angel without reading “The Mortal Instruments” series first?

Absolutely. Because Tessa, when she comes to London and falls into this world, it’s going to be new to her. You’re going to be seeing it for the first time, again, because you’re seeing it through her eyes. It’s its own entity.

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