en avant-première, la nuit à versailles de la divine vanessa


C'est la rumba
Le vieux rock au mambo bidon

I know you've got some pain to share
Like anybody else around
Each one of us a cross to bare
And then some day you may drown
This trouble in your heart
Will run away do all you've got to do
Within your sacrifices
For your soul is in chains how could you fly

Don't give up and do not cry
When those demons get you
I'll be yours till the end of time
Please believe me when I say you'll be fine


Nothing is quite like it used to be
Deep down inside of me
I'm done searching for myself
Since you're flowing in my veins

Love is just like a flower baby it has to grow

(...)  le coffret est disponible le 29 novembre ! 


@ credit photo : mikael jansson