bookaholicBookaholism follows the same six signs of a shopaholic, understandably, but only applies to books:

1. You spend more when you're emotional. (ie, "Freaking people piss me off. I'm gonna go buy an apocalyptic book and watch them die!")

2. Your spending habits result in added stress: (ie, "Holy shit, my tbr bookshelf is up to 400 now. Oops.")

3. You're a compulsive spender (ie, "Oh hey Poison Study, lookin' cute." ie, "Oh hey, Before I Fall, lookin' cute." ie, "Oh hey, Cracked Up To Be, lookin' cute." etc, etc.)

4. You can't live without plastic. (ie, "Hey, I have a Borders Rewards card! It'll be fine! I can get free books out of this...!")

5. You're constantly making excuses. (ie, "Well, I'm just helping the publishing business, really. It's a tough economy. I'm such a nice person.")

6. You've tried to control your spending in the past. (ie, "Okay, I'll only buy paperbacks, I promise. But maybe just this ONE hardcover...")

If you've agreed with one or more of these statements, you're a bookaholic, too. Keep on keepin' on.


=) entire room says, "Hello !"

Whew. I feel better now.

source : The Page Flipper

Pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas un mot d'anglais, voici une traduction approximative via google traduction ICI (oui le résultat me fait franchement sourire !)